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Bönninghausens Therapeutisches Taschenbuch

Bönninghausen Direkt joins Level49.

What changing and what to expect.

Bönninghausen Direkt is joining Level49

For over 15 years Bönninghausen Direkt under lead of Bernhard Möller, author and developer of the concept for the software, took care of the business regarding the therapeutic pocketbook.

Since the possibilities are growing, customers expectations are raising. Service and development for the Therapeutic Pocketbook need more and more efforts.

To fulfill those expectations and to guarantee service for our customers, a partner needed to be found. Based on the good relationship and to face upcoming challenges, all tasks have been switched over to Level49, a small startup.

Further development of the Therapeutic Pocketbook

The Therapeutic Pocketbook has initially been developed 15 years ago and regularly updated. Lead developer Wolfgang Hennig left Bönninghausen Direkt  in 2015. Level49 took over the technical maintenance.

For further development of the software and adaptation to new requirements, extensive changes are required. For example, some of our customers got a update for Windows 10. New Systems will be shipped with this operating system.

Beyond that we want to make changes and improvements.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to find a contractual agreement with the authors to make these developments possible.

Right now, we’re evaluating wheter we’re allowed to provide updates for Windows and macOS.

What is changing for customers

First, it’s not possible to purchase the therapeutic pocketbook at the moment. We’re not able to offer the software right now. But we’re working on new solutions.

But we will offer everything that’s necessary for you to use the Therapeutic Pocketbook futhermore, whereas other things will change.

Up to now, we granted service for free. This won’t be possible anymore. We will provide help, resend lost license information, exchange dongles, etc. but will charge for our time.

We hope to be able to provide updates for Windows and macOS soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.


Changes are ongoing, but it will take some time, till everything is set up again. First, we will establish support, mail and the helpdesk again. The website will be changed in short cycles and might be inaccessible for a short time since we’re going to move to a new server.

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